• 01/ Strict Quality Control

    Having a top R&D team, based on natural ingredients,regularly launch exclusive new product and carefully ensure the greatest quality for you.

  • 02/ Professional Location Evaluation

    With profound experience in location evaluation, through the 10 Projects Detection,accurate analysis of the profit point of the shopping area.

  • 03/ Complete and Solid Training

    The training classroom provides one-to-one training, and the 5 brochures let you get started quickly and conveniently.

  • 04/ Global Logistics and Profit Feedback

    Complete logistics experience to ensure the safe distribution of goods;headquarters ordered in large amounts, and return profits to franchisee.

  • 05/ Comprehensive marketing strategy

    Combining with the popular Youtuber, KOL to create a new media era,with high exposure and high popularity, which continues to drive sales.

  • 06/ High-quality Design and Mascot

    Design high-quality poster and peripheral products to enhance brand value,and create unique brand image with the exclusive mascot.

  • 07/ Senior Consultant Team

    We has more than 10 years of coaching experience and provides the most complete support and services; and through system data analysis, it effectively helps the store grow.

  • 08/ Sustainable Development & Innovative

    We believe that Kung Fu Tea is not only a shop, but also a long-term top career.
    HQ continues to invest, and innovate services to lead the international bubble tea.