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What sort of help will the central office provide with site location?


While the final decision on site location will always be made by the franchisee, a central office sales specialist will first need to approve it. Only after this evaluation may any construction or renovations begin.


Are the 14 days of training really necessary? Why?


This is to guarantee that all our Kung Fu Tea shop owners have the required skills and sensitivities. During this training period, the central office will not only be imparting food prep skills, but will also be educating the new owner regarding employee hiring and training practices, inventories, shop upkeep, ingredients and materials, marketing concepts, and so on. All key managerial responsibilities will be covered, so that once the training is completed the shop owner will not merely be able to “run a business”, but will already posses the competitive skills necessary to be successful in this market.


What are the advantages to joining the Kung Fu Tea franchise?


According to independent research, 80% of independent business owners are unable to establish a smoothly operating business. The Kung Fu Tea franchise is able to quickly pass along the know-how new business owners need to quickly succeed in this market.

The Kung Fu Tea organization has a total of 6 sections and 13 divisions; this division of responsibilities is reliable and pays precise attention to details, so that the shop owner may focus upon running the location with no fears about extraneous interference, shortages, or unforeseen challenges.


What sort of services do Kung Fu Tea’s central offices provide shop owners?


In terms of ingredients, the central office guarantees the entire Kung Fu Tea supply chain and provides exclusive delivery and supply services. In this way, franchise owners save valuable time for running their shop, and need never worry over shortages, or mixups in deliveries. In addition, every month the central offices will arrange for specialty seasonal ingredients, festivity specials, and plan marketing events to support the franchise owners and free them of these extremely time-consuming and often vexing tasks. Then, in addition to all of this, there are also the business support and training services, to help franchise owners keep their business profitable and on-track.


What conditions does one need to satisfy to become a franchisee?

1. You must prepare and meet the capital

    funding requirements

2. You must be willing to work long hours and

    set a strong example for your employees.

    The drinks business requires this.

3. You must agree to abide by the decisions

    and business philosophy of the central

    offices and accept their managerial

    decisions, while adapting to the attitude

    and outlook expected of Kung Fu Tea    

    shop operators.